Introduction to Substation & SF6 circuit breakers
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Substation Simplified: A Beginner's Guide.

Empowering Beginners with Clear Insights into Substations

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Welcome to "Substation Simplified: A Beginner's Guide" – your pathway to understanding the essential world of electrical substations!

About the Course

Are you curious about the invisible systems that power our modern world? This online course is designed with beginners in mind, making the complex world of substations accessible to anyone eager to learn. We'll demystify the technical jargon, break down the components, and unveil the fascinating role substations play in delivering electricity to our homes, businesses, and industries.

In this course, you'll embark on an engaging journey through the fundamentals of electrical substations. We'll cover everything from the basic principles to the importance of substations in the power grid. You’ll understand about the purpose of substation, different types of substations & switchgear (AIS,GIS & MTS), different circuit arrangements used in substations and many more necessary things for a beginner. We’ll guide you step by step, ensuring you gain a solid understanding of the key concepts about the substations. 

Get ready to feel empowered with newfound knowledge as you navigate the world of substations. Whether you're a student, an aspiring professional, or simply curious about how electricity reaches your fingertips, "Substation Simplified: A Beginner's Guide" is your starting point. Join us, and together, we'll illuminate the path to electrical enlightenment!

  : 225+ Students 

This Course includes

 : 2 Hrs of HD Recorded Videos

: Lecture PPT PDFs

: Certificate of Completion

: 7 days Return Policy

 : Lifetime validity

 : Guidance from the Industry Experts 

: Dedicated Course Community : Language : English

: Updated on : Jan 2024

What will you learn?

By the end of this course, you will achieve the following outcomes:

Get Ready for Your Next Job Interview 
Going for a technical interview? This course is a perfect help system for you. With this course you’ll get quick information about substation and switchgear which you can use to impress your next employer!

Master the Basics
Gain a solid understanding of the purpose and various types of substations. Whether it's transmission or distribution, you'll be in the know!

Know-how of Different Switchgear

We'll dive into the exciting world of modern switchgear (AIS/GIS/MTS). You'll not only learn about different types but also understand in which situation what type of switchgear is preferred.

Circuit Arrangements Unveiled
Discover the importance of circuit arrangements or Bus bar schemes in substations. We'll explore different types of circuit arrangements including single bus bar scheme, double bus bar scheme, & one and half breaker scheme which is most commonly used in substations.

SF6 Circuit Breaker Demystified
Get familiar with one of the key equipment is substation i.e. SF6 circuit breaker. We'll break down how it works and its significance in the power grid. You'll be circuit breaker confident!

With these skills under your belt, you'll be ready to shine in job interviews and feel like a substation superhero. So, let's get started on this electrifying journey – knowledge awaits!


Class 1 

  • What is substation & why it is needed?
  • Purpose of Substation
  • Types of switchgear available (AIS/GIS/Hybrid)
  • Reasons for using AIS
  • Reasons for using GIS
  • Reasons for using Hybrid switchgear

Class 2

  • Circuit Arrangement & it's importance 
  • Selection of Circuit Arrangement 
  • Substation Configuration
  • Recommendations by Central Electricity Authority of India (CEA)

Class 3

  • Single busbar arrangement
  • Double busbar arrangement 
  • One & Half breaker scheme 

Class 4

  • Introduction to SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • Construction & Working of SF6 breaker
  • Important Parameters of circuit breaker

The Course is Recommend for...

  • Students
  • Entry level Professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • Students preparing for competitive exams
  • Enthusiasts
  • People working in Substations 

See What our students says..

Great course u are offering as I'm currently working as Project engineer at Transco ... but make advance level also and I'll subscribe it for sure.

- Partha Dey

Great course for understanding the basics. Will surely help in technical interviews. Thank you ☺️

- Lina

A very good content and step by step explanation of substation ,got to learn many new concepts ,thanks a lot for the course.

- Er. kalaiselvan

Reviews and Testimonials

Meet your instructor!

Gaurav Joshi

Gaurav, also known as TheElectricalGuy, is an accomplished electrical engineer with over 6 years of experience in the switchgear industry. He takes care of high & extra high voltage products like Circuit breakers & instrument transformers.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Gaurav has made significant contributions to the global electrical engineering community through his highly successful YouTube Channel. With over 130,000 subscribers and a prestigious silver play button from YouTube, he has become a trusted resource for electrical engineers worldwide. Gaurav's dedication to sharing knowledge extends to the creation of comprehensive courses, which have already attracted over 500 students eager to enhance their skills in the field.

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Will I get certificate of Course completion?

Yes, You'll get a course completion certificate once you complete the 90% of the course and score the required marks.

Can I access all the content once I purchase the course?

Yes, you will get full access to all the content.

I am not from India, can I still join the course?

Yes, of course. You can join the course from any part of the world!

Can I access the content anytime & anywhere?

Yes, you can access the content anytime & anywhere on laptop or mobile. Internet connection is required.

Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it? Will I get a refund?

Yes! You can cancel your course within 7 days of purchase if you don’t like it. We don’t want your money if you are unhappy with the course. Do check out our Return Policy for more details.


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