Fundamentals of Electrical Power Systems
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Fundamentals of Electrical Power System

A beginner friendly course for quick and concise info on Electricity Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Quick. Concise.

The course is designed to be concise and quick to complete, offering a streamlined learning experience.

About the Course

A mechanical engineer working in electrical industry doesn't need an exhaustive understanding of electrical power systems. Limited and essential knowledge in generation, transmission, and distribution will help.

For candidates facing technical interviews with time constraints, exploring extensive information isn't feasible. Quick and concise knowledge is key to interview success!

Recognising that sometimes less is more, our course, 'Fundamentals of Power Systems,' focuses on delivering only the essential information.

Designed to be beginner-friendly, it provides a concise overview of electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution. The course's foundational knowledge is presented in a way that even those from non-electrical backgrounds can easily grasp.

This Course Includes

 : 4+ Hrs of HD Recorded Videos

 : Dedicated Course Community

 : Certificate of Completion 

 : 7 Days Refund Policy

 : Full Lifetime Access 

 : Access on Mobile & PC

 : Language - English

Course Curriculum 

Module 1 : BASICS

  Time Required : ~ 35 mins

  • What is Power system?
  • Power System SLD
  • Your role in power system
  • Grid Structure in India
  • One nation one grid
  • Presentation PDF


  Time Required : ~45 mins

  • Basics of Electricity Generation
  • Location of Power Plants
  • Conventional Methods of Generation
  • Non Conventional Methods of Generation
  • BONUS: Check Installed Capacities
  • Why low voltage generation
  • BONUS: Interconnected systems
  • Presentation PDF


  Time Required : ~ 90 mins

  • Why HV transmission?
  • Introduction to Substations
  • Substation Equipment & Their Purpose
  • Switchgear
  • Types of Switchgear for HV
  • HV Switchgear Manufacturer
  • BONUS: Digital Switchgear
  • BONUS: SF6 Free Switchgear
  • BONUS: Intro to HVDC
  • BONUS: Underground transmission
  • Presentation PDF


Time Required : ~ 60 mins

  • Primary & Secondary Distribution
  • Feeder, Distributor & Service Mains
  • Radial Distribution System
  • Ring Main Distribution System
  • Types of Switchgear for MV
  • Getting Familiar with the Symbols
  • BONUS: Cubical Functions
  • BONUS: MV Switchgear Manufacturer
  • Intro to LV Switchgear
  • Presentation PDF


  • Final Quiz 
  • Introduction to IEC Standard (PDF)

The course is designed to be concise and quick to complete, offering a streamlined learning experience.

What will be the Course outcome ?

Learn quickly with this short and easy-to-complete course.

Embrace the power of simplicity. Gain only the essential and concise information you need.

Enhance your connection with products /services you work with.

Equip yourself for success in upcoming interviews with better preparation.

Elevate your confidence with right information !

Who this course is for ....

Students who needs a quick guide on power system

Candidates preparing for interviews

Non Electrical professionals, working in electrical industries

Electrical engineers

Early working professionals

Reviews and Testimonials

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Meet your instructor!

Gaurav Joshi

Gaurav, also known as TheElectricalGuy, is an accomplished electrical engineer with over 7 years of experience in the high and medium voltage switchgear industry. Gaurav has worked with the pioneer companies in electrical industries like Siemens Ltd & Schneider Electric ! 

In addition to his professional endeavours, Gaurav has made significant contributions to the global electrical engineering community through his highly successful YouTube Channel. With over 151,000 subscribers and a prestigious silver play button from YouTube, he has become a trusted resource for electrical engineers worldwide. Gaurav's dedication to sharing knowledge extends to the creation of comprehensive courses, which have already attracted over 1000 students eager to enhance their skills in the field.

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When this course will be available ? 

Info on course availability will be posted on the website and also on email. Hence, do register your interest to get the updates! 

I am not from electrical background, will this course help me understand? 

Of course! The course will help you understand all the required details in very easy way. Educational background is not a limitation. 

I am not from India, can I still join the course?

Yes, of course. You can join the course from any part of the world!

Can I access the content anytime & anywhere?

Yes, you can access the content anytime & anywhere on laptop or mobile. Internet connection is required.

Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it? Will I get a refund?

Yes! You can cancel your course within 7 days of purchase if you don’t like it. We don’t want your money if you are unhappy with the course. Do check out our Return Policy for more details.

Can I download the course material for offline access?

Due to security concerns and the protection of our course materials, we are unable to provide an option for offline downloads at this time. Rest assured, our content will remain accessible to you through our online platform, where you can continue your learning journey safely and conveniently.

How can I ask my doubts?

Once you join the course, you'll be added to the dedicated course community. In that community, you can ask you doubts and also have a discussion with other students. 

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