Complete Guide on DC Machines
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Mastering DC Machines | Building a Solid Foundation for Electric Machines

Empower Your Electric Machines Journey with Crystal Clear clarity on DC Machines!

About the Course

Struggling with textbooks that seem more like sleep pills than learning tools?

Many books are exam oriented making the concepts boring and confusing. Dive into our course and wave goodbye to confusion! 

Tired of confusing theories?

Our course simplifies the intricate concepts, making every topic crystal clear. No more head-scratching – just pure understanding.

Need a solid foundation?

Just passing the exam is not enough. We believe in building a solid foundation. Get ready to understand DC Machines, not just memorize. Clear understanding lasts longer than a fleeting exam score.

Exam around the corner?

We've got your back! The course also acts as a quick revision guide. No need for last-minute cramming – just swift, effective review.

Join us and master DC machines – not just for exams but for a lifelong journey of clarity and competence. Let's turn confusion into confidence together!

This Course includes

 : 4.5 Hrs of HD Recorded Videos

 : Dedicated Course Community  

 : Certificate of Completion 

 : Full Lifetime Access 

 : Language - English 

 : Access on Mobile & PC

What will be the Course outcome ?

No More Confusion: Say goodbye to the fog of confusion. Our course ensures concepts are as clear as a bright and sunny day.

Crystal Clear DC Generator & Motor Understanding: Unlock the mysteries! You'll master the ins and outs of DC generators and motors, making them your playground.

Full Grasp of Armature Reaction & Commutation Process: No more head-scratching over armature reactions or commutation. You'll understand these processes inside out.

Clear Insight into DC Machine Construction: Clear understanding on different parts used in DC machines and their function.

Speed Control Methods of DC Motors: From basics to the advanced. Learn various speed control methods for DC motors, ensuring you're in control.

Solid Foundation for Electric Machines: Build a foundation that stands strong! Get ready for the world of electric machines with confidence. 

Course Curriculum

Who this course is for ....

Engineering Students 

Diploma Students 

Candidates preparing for competitive exams


Working professionals in Motor & Generator industries

Reviews and Testimonials

Meet your instructor!

Gaurav Joshi

Gaurav, also known as TheElectricalGuy, is an accomplished electrical engineer with over 7 years of experience in the high and medium voltage switchgear industry. Gaurav has worked with the pioneer companies in electrical industries like Siemens Ltd & Schneider Electric ! 

In addition to his professional endeavours, Gaurav has made significant contributions to the global electrical engineering community through his highly successful YouTube Channel. With over 144,000 subscribers and a prestigious silver play button from YouTube, he has become a trusted resource for electrical engineers worldwide. Gaurav's dedication to sharing knowledge extends to the creation of comprehensive courses, which have already attracted over 500 students eager to enhance their skills in the field.

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When this course will be available ? 

Info on course availability will be posted on the website and also on email. Hence, do register your interest to get the updates! 

I am not from electrical background, will this course help me understand? 

Of course! The course will help you understand all the required details in very easy way. Educational background is not a limitation. 

I am not from India, can I still join the course?

Yes, of course. You can join the course from any part of the world!

Can I access the content anytime & anywhere?

Yes, you can access the content anytime & anywhere on laptop or mobile. Internet connection is required.

How can I ask my doubts?

Once you join the course, you'll be added to the dedicated course community. In that community, you can ask you doubts and also have a discussion with other students. 



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